Conventional and Pre-Engineered Buildings
There are two primary types of building that can be constructed; Conventional or Pre- Engineered. We have provided a brief description of each below to assist you with understanding what you require.
1. Conventional Building Construction

Conventional buildings consist of a flat roof, such as tar and gravel; steel columns, beams, and joists form the primary structure; and girts form the secondary structure. HVAC equipment is normally placed on the roof as are penetrations to handle roof water and runoff.
2. Pre-Engineered Building Construction

A pre-engineered building consists of a sloped metal roof; with steel columns / frames forming the primary structure; purlins and girts forming the secondary structure. HVAC equipment is normally placed inside the building and gutters/downspouts send the roof water to grade or to underground systems. We are an authorized dealer for Steelway Building Systems; a privately owned Canadian company which manufactures steel building systems.

Both types of building constructions can use the following systems to form the building envelope:

1. Masonry

2. EIFS (External Insulated Finishing Systems - more familiarly known as stucco)

3. Metal Siding

4. Glazing

5. Pre-Cast Concrete Panels

6. Tilt-Up Concrete Panels

7. Aluminum Paneling